s o d a j e r k
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pop pop pop

Formed in December 1995, in Valenzuela, Philippines, the band has played around town playing local clubs, catching sweet ears and making their sugar-coated melodies stick on them for long.

With inspirations like Teenage Fanclub's "Bandwagonesque", 18 Wheeler's "Twin Action", BMX Bandits' "Life Goes On", and the band's love for pop , Sodajerk makes catchy tunes that sound like a cross between 60's pop and Indie Guitar Pop.

The band has released a cdep split with Carnival Park entitled, "That Happy Glow" (Dorothy Records). Sodajerk also appeared in various compilations such as Italy's BEST KEPT SECRET Tape Label entitled,"We are not alone - songs for the lo-fi generation no. 6", Dorothy Records' "Dashboard Teddy V.1" CD-r compilation and Factory Girl's "Working Titles" CD compilation.