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Oct 2004:

Just got back from a vacation in the Philippines. We managed to play a couple of gigs after 3 long years. One was the Jetset Express gig last Sept. 17, the other, Buzznight on Sept 25th. Both gigs were fun! Also, we managed to record 5 songs! Only 2 made the mixdown. "My Sweet Dream" and "Weekend Make-up". We're excited to hear the other three. Well, I'm gonna miss the guys back in Manila. Hopefully, I'd get to visit them and play a few shows next year. Cheers--- Ryan.

May 2004:

Sodajerk has released a collection of songs in a cassette EP released by Italy's Best Kept Secret! The little cassette is called "Pop On!" and it includes a cover of the BMX Bandits' "Extraordinary". Visit Best Kept Secret's site (www.indiepages.com/bestkeptsecret) for info on how to get the tape!

June 2003:

Dashboard Teddy v.1 Compilation out now! Dorothy Records' first compilation is finally out. Our contribution is "The Things You Say". Ronald's take on High School Love. Contact Michael of Dorothy Records at dorothyrec@yahoo.com for order info.

May 2003:

From Mario of Factory Girl Records. Read on.

Finally, the 1st release from Factory Girl Records. It took quite awhile for us to get this goin. It was quite exhausting - in as much as we'd very much liked to keep our day jobs, we were trying to complete the project of our dreams. And being caught in that situation, things tended to drag on and deadlines moved. Fortunately, we were all very persistent to pull through. Anyway, enough of the drama. Here are the details for your consumption.

Various Artists

Track listing

01. GOLDSTONED / happy street
02. LAURA WATLING / bookbinding
03. CARNIVAL PARK / moonlight darling
04. AQUADAYS / casablanca
05. CLUB 8 / things we share
06. JUMPROPE / day after day
07. SODAJERK / training wheels
08. LOVEJOY / night on earth
09. PHOEBE QUEST / jeanine, jeanine
10. WALKER KONG / gender music
11. DISLOCATION DANCE / it's not true
12. FREQUENT FLYER / reach for the sun
13. BRIDESHEAD / sincerely yours
14. MAJESTIC / nyra and michelle
15. THE JORDANS / people
16. WATOO WATOO / les reflects
17. THE JUNE BRIDES / waiting for a chance
18. BRIGHTSIDE / i will set you free

Product notes:
- Extended CD case with a thick inlay (alright!)
- 16 international bands + 2 notable Filipino bands
- For people who appreciate the vast and varying degrees of pop music. A listen to this compilation may remind you of different musical techniques from lounge-influenced styles to trumpet-fueled jazz-punk to good old straight guitar driven pop. Just imagine artists like The Pale Fountains, Teenage Fanclub, Everything But The Girl, David Bowie, Aztec Camera and Serge Gainsbourg and you get half of what I mean. The other half can be acquired upon repeated listens.

January, 2003:

Sodajerk appears on Best Kept Secret's cassette compilation, "We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-fi Generation No. 6". Keep in tune at: www.indiepages.com/bestkeptsecret

Indiepages.com says:

V/A - "We Are Not Alone Vol. 6" cs (Best Kept Secret)
Here is another collection of home-recorded music from around the world, with bands from France, Spain, Singapore, Belgium, Philippines, Australia, England, Switzerland, and the US included. The cassette gets off to a slow start with ambient offerings from Other People's Children and Orange Cake Mix, but despite the slow beginning, the majority of this tape is pretty much indiepop, be it slow and acoustic or upbeat and jangly. Highlights come from Park, Simpatico, Love Letter Band, It's Gonna Be Fine, Suretoss, Tim Chaplin, Tourister, and the entire Filipino crew (Fantasy Lights, Carnival Park, Apple Orchard, and Sodajerk). Most of the songs are unavailable elsewhere, so this is a great way to learn about loads of new bands for cheap! MTQ=13/22