What have we been listening to lately?
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soda POP!

1. Tree Fort Angst
Last Page in the Book of Love (foxyboy)

-A reissue of the Bus Stop compilation "Knee Deep in the Rococo Excess of Tree Fort Angst" plus 10 bonus tracks, now called "Last Page in the Book of Love". Excellent combination of Jangle and Acoustic Pop. Witty lyrics and great melodies. Terry Banks is a pop genius.

A Cat Escaped (matinee)

-Mmmmm..tasty indiepop with snappy beats and lovely sophisticated vocals.

In and out Love (shelflife/apricot)

-German band Brideshead is back with a collection of songs (from previous 7" releases) that reflect Postcard-era Orange Juice mixed with Bossanova that makes it oh so tasty.

4.Laura Watling
Early Morning Walk(shelflife)

- Full length cd of Laura Watling, formerly of The Autocollants. Classic indiepop gems, with occasional pianos/keyboards, catchy gutiar parts and very lovely vocals.

It's Good to be Alive (parasol)

-Catchy, Bouncy indiepop from Joe and Amanda of Wolfie! Fun fun fun!

6.The Pearlfishers
The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies (marina)

-Brilliant pop album that will completely blow you away. David Scott is a pop genius. Simply Amazing. Oh did i say pop genius again?

7.The Aislers Set
The Last Match (slumberland)

-Amazing follow-up to their stunning debut, "Terrible Things Happen". Amy comes up with more pop tracks up her sleeve in the tradition of Shop Assistants, Rosehips and The Television Personalities!

8. Den Baron
Soundtrack of my Life (apricot)

-A wonderful collection of soft indiepop tunes from one German fella.

9.Teenage Fanclub

- The Fannies are back with more great pop songs! Fab songs that they would be instant favorites the first time you hear em!

10.The Hang Ups
Long Goodbye 7" (grimsey)

- Soft jangle pop, great melodies two perfect pop songs!