who are these guys?
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meet the band

Ryan Marquez - guitar and vocals; Favorite Teenage Fanclub song is "Star Sign". Side projects: Apple Orchard, The Haircuts. Also involved with bands like Carnival Park and Dorian of Juniper Bells.He's still trying to grow a beard.

Remi John Noman - guitar and vocals; Plays the guitar like Raymond McGinley. Used to play drums for Sonnet LVIII. He listens to R&B music lately.

Ronald Santiago - bass and vocals;
Favorite Teenage Fanclub album is "Grand Prix". Plays "lyre" better than any six-year-old around! Favorite Beach Boy: Brian Wilson, Favorite drink: "Mo-CHA java"!

Manny Gallo - drums; Graphic Artist Extraordinare. Other Hobby: Playing Dad. Owns a cool volkswagen beetle.